Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Both political parties invoke (prevoke?) God a lot to convince us that they are legitimate believers, and that their candidates deserve our votes.

It is not just the flag that political parties wrap around themselves.

  They swathe their candidates with religion.

God forbid that any candidate should become President and not have God on his or her side!

Wave the flag, hold the Bible, and brandish a gun!

Sanctimony is expensive. 

 Hypocrisy is cheap. 

 Or is it the other way around?

One thing for sure is that no politician should be seen without his pants, even if it’s in the Sea of Galilee.

An emperor has no clothes, unless it’s his taxes that you want to see.

Trust no man who claims to hold his heart in his own hands.

One political party always has more squealing pigs than the other one.

Neither political party lacks gaffes and gaffers, though one side may have better ones on his or her side.

Can you trust a man who has never swigged a beer?


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