Saturday, February 20, 2010


Dick Cheney has pulled out of his hole, ascended from his abyss, and left his undisclosed location.
As long as Dick's ticker can tock, and his crooked mouth can talk,
Dick will continue to pretend that he’s not interested in politics.
He will continue to be smug but humble, denying that he is interested in running for the Presidency in 2012.
But Dick Cheney has been preening his political feathers for months, now.

He’s one slick bird.

A vulture.

With his eye on the White House.

This time it would be upstairs for Dick, and not in the Basement...
Monitoring (or directing) a Terrorist Attack.

And Dick's nearly as good as Sarah Palin when it comes to invoking Mother and apple pie (in your eye).

Here’s an early prototype of what a Cheney-Palin poster might say:
Dick and Palin: They shoot moose and goose, Don’t they?
Palin could say that she’d (you betcha) be ready to take over Dick’s reins if he fell off of his high horse, kicked the bucket, or accidentally shot himself in the head.

And even if Dick ran himself (up) against Palin, he would still look pretty good.

But the Drill and Kill Team might be the Ticket to take over the White House from the Democrats.

Wink, wink.



For shame Dick Cheney, your country needs you. On CNN, Wolf Blitzer declared he thought Cheney might run in 2012, assuming the Republicans do well in the 2010 midterm elections in November. And who knows? he might be the only man to stop the Sarah Palin bandwagon from driving the Republican party over off the cliff. So go and register the web address right now.
Obviously it would be great for the Democratic party if Cheney did run, one suspects, and the prospect of a Cheney versus Palin Republican primary ... well, it would be like Alien versus Predator, but much better. And real.
Anyway, it's too much to hope for.

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