Monday, June 21, 2010


Don't stop blowing those vuzulelas!

NASA is planning to put people on asteroids!

Astronauts (or Asteroidnuts) must go to the asteroids since it's unlikely that they'll visit us.

Which ones?

That will have to be decided.

First determine which ones have got the most precious metals.
No use in going so far just to plop down on useless matter.

President Obama has wisely opted to bypass the moon and head for Mars...
where the Martians are (though there are some who believe that the Moon's sunless side has "alien" bases.)

If the Creator and the gods had wanted humans to remain on terra firma, then He and they should not have populated the Universe(s) with so many other places to visit.

They're there and that's why they have to be visited.

For good, bad, or ugly.

Outer Space is where future explorers (and discoverers) are going...
with or without the help from any extraterrestrials.

Humans like to get outside of themselves. Out of their skins.
We like to visit new places.

The Unknown attracts.

Even when dangers or monsters lurk.

These did not stop...

Taming the Wild West... Traveling across the Oceans... Crossing the Rockies... Landing on Asteroids!


Entering Worm Holes and Black Holes!

Where there's a way (and places to go) there will always be a will!


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