Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Bedbugs and politicians have been with us for a long time.

Natural remedies for human ills began long before modern science gave us modern medicine with its myriad wonder drugs and its many quack potions.

Drug Pushers (Cartels-Corporations) and Politicians are as happy as the Blood-sucking Bedbugs.

All produce a lot of human itching and scratching.


They make a lot of money and produce a lot of pain, which drives drug pushers to make more drugs.

The bed bugs are quite content to suck our blood while the guns and drugs are doing their jobs.



Hard evidence for a long human association turned up fairly recently, when British archaeologists excavating an ancient Egyptian village found the oldest bedbug on record: The fossilized fellow dated back about 3,500 years, to before the time of King Tut.

Bedbugs first turned up in print in ancient Greece and Rome. The Roman philosopher Pliny described the bugs in a book on natural history; Greek playwright Aristophanes wrote the pests into several plays.

Source: LA Times


High Temperatures Cause UAE Bed Bugs To Bite

When temperatures increase, so do the incidents of bugs, including those that your mother sang about before you went to bed

As complex, rollercoaster climate change alters life on this planet, we will confront new and unforeseen challenges. Some problems we can anticipate such as reduced food supply and further reductions of biodiversity. We’ve encountered higher, more fatal flooding incidents as a result of decreased biomass, as well as drought. But other symptoms of global warming, such as the new tide of insect infestations in the UAE, may seem less dramatic and less obvious. Could rising temperatures in the United Arab Emirates be the cause of a new tide of insect infestations?

5 MM Long Bed Bugs Are Bitin’

Megan Detrie from The National reports that a new strain of bed bugs has infiltrated the United Arab Emirates. Only 5mm long, they hitch a ride into people’s homes via clothing and personal items, and then stake out in beds, paintings, wall sockets, and essentially any other elusive, dark place.

The bugs are more active during the summer due to the heat and humidity, but remain a problem year-round, according to pest experts. “The incidences are increasing,” said Mr R, the operations manager of National Pest Control, with offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

“Out of 10 inquiries, seven of them are for bed bugs.”

These bugs are able to survive up to 18 months without food, though they typically seek out nourishment every eight days. When they do, they sneak out of their dark crevices at night, while the rest of the home is fast asleep.

Slippery little buggers

As a result, bed bugs are very difficult to snuff out. Further adding to their cunning, the pests have evolved to resist low level pesticides used to control them, and require several blasts, leading to drastic efforts to exterminate them. Unfortunately, some of these methods have exterminated people instead.

“The Ministry of Environment and Water has increased the limits on the kinds of pesticides available to licensed pest control companies after two of five-month-old triplets died when pest controllers sprayed their neighbour’s home in Ajman in late March,” according to Detrie.

Dubai’s municipality demands that pest controllers disclose the pesticides they are using, as well as their registration certificates, but this hasn’t stopped some “rogue” outfits from taking matters into their own hands.

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