Saturday, August 01, 2015


If the naked eye, then why not the naked nose, the naked mouth, or the naked neck?

I guess it's not that easy to become a figure of speech.

Nonetheless, all of us possess at least one naked eye, whether we use it or not.

Use it on March 1---by Jove!--- because the planet Jupiter will be easier to see.

Forget your naked eye and look through some binoculars or a telescope, and you'll see Jove even better!


Drone operators are not just being pumped with caffeine to keep them awake and alert while piloting drones:

Their brains are getting zapped!

We might call this Electroshock...light.


I guess we all pay closer attention when someone quotes Einstein.

(When your words become a bumper sticker you know that you've achieved fame...or something.)

Today's Einstein is Stephen Hawking, and when he says something I pay close attention.

For example, when he commented on AI (Artificial Intelligence):

FromTake Over Warns Hawking”
By Nick Paton Walsh
The Observer - London

Computers double their performance every month.” Humans, in contrast, are developing much more slowly, and so must change their DNA make-up or be left behind. “The danger is real,” Hawking said, “that this [computer] intelligence will develop and take over the world.”

I was reminded of Hawking's concerns when I recently read an article titled Google will 'know you better than your intimate partner'

In 15 years’ time, computers will surpass their creators in intelligence, with an ability to tell stories and crack jokes, predicts a leading expert in artificial intelligence. Thus, Google will 'know the answer to your question before you ask it.'

Most people would probably agree that computers are man-made technologies that function inside the strict boundaries of man-made borders. For technologists like Google engineering director Ray Kurzweil, however, the moment when computers liberate themselves from their masters will occur in our lifetime.

By the year 2029, computers and robots will not only have surpassed their makers in terms of raw intelligence, they will understand us better than we understand ourselves, the futurist predicts with enthusiasm.”

Meanwhile, we digital automatons will continue to be glued to our ipads, ipods, mp3s, TVs, and computers, and we won't feel a thing...
But the robots will!


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