Sunday, March 08, 2015


Dr. Seuss, you HAVE been a naughty boy!

All of this time we---and by we  I mean children---thought that you were a decent and upstanding fellow.

But now we have learned that you once published a book about naked ladies:

Shocking, shocking, shocking!

The bare-butted lady was none other than Mrs. Lady Godiva.

In fact, the tale---or should I say the tail?---of Lady Godiva and her horsey ride never took place.

Her tale (or tail) was never seen--- nor wAS the horse'S TAIL:

A fascinating piece of history. But as it happens, most medieval scholars agree the ride never took place.”

Nonetheless, the news about Dr. Seuss's book is interesting.

He naturally wanted to make a buck by exposing Lady Godiva's butt---or rather her seven butts.

But the public back then (unlike today?) was not that interested in purchasing a book about naked ladies and their butts.

The public's eyes today want to see as many butts as possible---the bigger the better.

Just ask Kim Kardashian, and all of her BIG BUTT WANNABES.

The human form can be a thing of beauty, as many sculptors and painters have shown us.

Although a few cultures and religions are ashamed to see naked butts and (and other body parts)---and prohibit such exhibitions---this is a minority view in the world.


Although Beauty is Truth, and Truth is Beauty---Big Butts have Big Benefits:

From Wikipedia:

Scopophilia or scoptophilia (from Greek σκοπέω skopeō, "look to, examine" and φιλία philia, "tendency toward"), is deriving pleasure from looking. As an expression of sexuality, it refers to sexual pleasure derived from looking at erotic objects: erotic photographs, pornography, naked bodies, etc.


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