Saturday, April 04, 2015


This is not me, but it's what I looked like after my scalping.

I went to get my hair cut today.
The place is called the HEAD HUNTER, and I had gone there before.
An Asian woman works there alone.

The place has six folding chairs, and on each seat sits one clean, white towel.
The place also has two signs that sit on a step ladder which read:
I turned off my phone after I had sat down.

The HEAD HUNTER has eight photographs of men with different hair styles.
On each photograph is a number.
On my previous visit the woman had asked me to pick which hair style I wanted.
I forget which one I picked.
Today I had plenty of time to choose.
I was having trouble deciding.
One style (Number 4) that I liked would keep my hair about the same length.
Another style (Number 5) was a bit shorter.
The third (Number 2) was a lot shorter, but not real short.
I picked this one.
After I sat down, the woman asked, “How do you want your hair cut?”
I said, “Like in picture number two.”

The haircut would probably have proceeded fine had I not confused the woman when I said, “I want the front short...I don't want bangs.”
The woman didn't say anything or even make a sound.

The Christian songs kept playing on the radio inside the HEAD HUNTER.
The woman likes Christian songs.
Some of them are quite good.

The haircut was finished.
It looked pretty good from the front.
No bangs.
I paid the woman five dollars.
(She does not accept tips.)

When I got home I held a mirror to the back of my head.
I had been scalped!
The woman had not understood me after all.
One granddaughter told me, “You look bald”, and indeed I did, and that was the bad news.

The good news was that the woman in the HEAD HUNTER had not removed my head.


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DiAnne said...

communication is tricky, eh? It just doesn't get easier the older you get either. At least it's only hair.

My hair is probably shorter than yours.