Saturday, May 02, 2015

Homo gizmos

All of our little gadgets are taking over our lives.

We have gadgets for this and gadgets for that---
Apps for this and and apps for that.

We sit, stand and walk around holding gadgets to our faces, our thumbs continuously pressing down buttons a mile and message a minute.

We are becoming the gadgets we use.

We are losing our humanness to things.

Homo sapiens are becoming (or have become) Homo gizmos.

I exclude myself from this madding crowd of gadgeteers.

I keep a simpler...

more civilized (?) life.

I prefer the sweet scent of jasmine flowers.

I have a simple phone with---yes---big numbers.

I do not text or use the Internet on my phone.

I get by just fine without apps.

I am not a gadgeteer.

Is it one-upping and peer pressure that make gadgeteers want to have the same little devices, and more and better ones than all the other gadgetEers?

Intelligent robots of tomorrow will have us right where they need us to be:

Glued to our gadgets!


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