Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Come on, Barney, we're goin' to the ranch to find us some armadillos and rabbits before Dick gets there and scares 'em all away with his shotgun.
Laura, got my beer and pretzels packed?
Not too much on TV this weekend, but I've got my Three Stooges’ movies.
I just love those guys.
They kind of remind me of myself and I.
Boy, oh boy, this Easter vacation is just in time.
It'll let me get my mind off of Iraq and Iran for awhile.
I'm the Decider, and when I decide it's time to fly, I fly;
When I decide it’s time to lie, I lie;
When I decide that it's time to surge, I surge.
And right now I’ve decided to relax.
Come on, Barney, let’s go get those terrorists before they get us.

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