Monday, February 25, 2008


"At this point, buying the United States isn't looking like such a good investment," the adviser said. "At the end of the day, Mike might be better off buying Canada."
An adviser to Mayor Bloomberg

NEW YORK (AP) — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who might launch his own independent presidential bid, on Monday defended Ralph Nader's right to seek the White House.

"This business of Ralph Nader being a spoiler — you know, in any three-way race, two of the three are going to be spoilers," Bloomberg said. "Come on. Everybody's got a right to do it — you're not spoiling anything."

"If people want to vote for you, let them vote for you, and why shouldn't they?" he added.

The billionaire mayor denies he is exploring his own presidential bid, but aides and operatives have been working behind the scenes to lay the groundwork for an independent campaign.

Without the need to raise money, Bloomberg has been able to delay a decision much longer than most candidates.

Many Bloomberg watchers have been eyeing March 5 — next Wednesday — as a key date in his timetable because it is the first day that he would be able to start a petition drive to get on the ballot in Texas, which has one of the earliest deadlines and some of the toughest requirements for independents.

Maybe New York mayor Mike Bloomberg will raise the ceiling of campaign spending sky-high and out-of-this-world by spending billions and billions.

Ralph Nader is a green candidate but he won't take any green(backs) from corporate entities.

Will Mr. Bloomberg buy the 2008 presidency?

Start making your bets now.


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