Monday, June 15, 2009


Beware of others who say that they can save you from something or someone, OR for that matter, from your own self. The last is perhaps a more believable and practical possibility on life’s chessboard (or cheese board).

In this case, that something is THE SWINE FLU, whose deliverance from (we are being told) can be given to us via new vaccines which are currently and hastily being “hatched” (eggs will not be used in some vaccines), or one might more accurately say, concocted-created.

The tasty swine are receiving the blame for this pandemic, but who and what are the real cause(s)?

Will we and can we ever know?

We have “blind faith” in science and doctors…

In Progress itself.

That is why I was very surprised when a public school nurse recently told me:

“All of them are crooks!”.

By them she meant doctors.




This a very hard and large pill to swallow.

Doctors (like priests used to) get our respect.

We sometimes have anger for the long time that we must wait to see doctors, and we are envious (or jealous) about how much money they can make.

But we trust doctors because they are the trained experts and we are not.

We think they are smarter than us.

However, now that there is the Internet, we can do our own research about medicines and diseases.

Sometimes what we read gives us other big and hard pills to swallow. Our bubbles are burst because the opinions and knowledge we have are something quite different from what we have always believed to be the “gospel truth”.

When we begin to learn that some things are much different from what we have always thought them to be, then we become suspicious and doubtful about other things.

The vaccines being made for Swine Flu H1N1 is just one more example.

We should keep our eyes, ears, and minds critically open in the days to come.

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