Wednesday, August 05, 2009


What does it mean when more than one in 10 Americans is on antidepressants?

It means that we need to take antidepressants because we...
Over-stimulate ourselves with news and information---
And all of those unpronounceable "legal" drugs.
It also means we should buy lot of stocks in antidepressants.


Sure would be terrible, wouldn't it, not to have to pay to go to the hospital or doctor?
Michael Moore's "Sicko" shows just how painful it
People in countries who have this scary and terrible "socialized medicine" are incredulous that mighty America does not.
It makes this country look like the laughing stock of the world.
Capitalism may just fall on its greedy knees sooner than you can shake a stick or say "Karl Marx".


Yeah, aren't we just great...
Capitalist enslavers---
Covert coup-makers---
Native American decimators---
Cradle of Civilization killers (for Democracy, naturally)---
Mexico annexation-takers?
But I am glad that I live here in America to be able to say, think, and write these things.
Yes, this is America, land of low-paid migrant workers, landscapers, and servants.
We're a mighty, proud (profane?) people, aren't we?

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