Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Special Comment last night by Keith Olbermann pointed out the millions and millions of dollars that are paying off senators and representatives, and buying their political votes to oppose ANY Public Health Care.
He gave names of both Republicans and Democrats who are shills for the insurance-medical-pharmaceutical leviathan.
Public Health Care is a threat and enemy to the Corporate, hooligan, buzzards.
The American people are secondary to the special interests of the super-profitable insurance-medical-pharmaceutical leviathan.
The fight for Public Health Care is a "war" as deceitful, corrupt, and horrible as the deceitful and horrible Iraq war was.
Until Americans rise up out of their beds and easy chairs, and leave their flat-screens and computers, and begin to fill the streets with their voices, this "war" will be won (as it has always been won) by the filthy-rich "crooks".
America, wake-up!
Let Congress and Greedy corporations know that you are sick and tired of them...
And you won't take it anymore.
First, however, call Washington to let them know.
And keep in mind that these powers-that be just love it when they hear people say, "Oh, we can't do anything. They're in power. Even our votes don't matter anymore."

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