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"WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives."

Smedley Butler, Major General, United States Marine Corps [Retired], awarded two congressional medals of honor and the distinguished service medal.

Hardly any squeaks, squeals, or squawks were made when George W. Bush---The Liar-Decider---Pre-Emptively bombed Iraq based on false and fabricated propaganda [that Bush and his minions constantly "catapulted"], nor was there any noise when Bush awarded Congressional Medals to his war dogs.

Granted, Barack Obama hasn't brought peace and prosperity (yet) to America or the World...but WHO could have, after 8 long years of corruption, lies, and bankrupting the country and the ecosystem.

So, the Nobel Prize was given, I believe, on the basis of the enormous effect that Barack Obama's vision and words have had on the world which George W. Bush and cabal had poisoned and decimated for 8 years.

September 11 was allowed to happen on Bush & Cabal's WATCH...warnings of this attack were ignored by Bush…AND Clinton.

Don't blame it on the rain or cards.

The country wasn't too safe prior to 9-11, and some believers think that the attack was some kind of false-flag operation to ENABLE Bush & Cabal to do what they did.

Obama is trying to undo, turn around, and rectify what the Bush gang (O.K. I meant Cabal) did to our nation and the world…AND HE GAVE US change:
He changed the war from Iraq to Afghanistan.


Hope just flew out the window and left town.

War is Big Business.




Governments constantly talk about fighting the war on drugs.

But drugs and guns are more profitable than bread and butter.

A lot of money is made from NOT legalizing or decriminalizing drugs.

Drug cartels and pharmaceutical companies do not want ANY interference or competition with their legitimized and legalized drug trade.

Organized crime is not much different from disorganized crime.

The Pharmaceutical companies (with hands inside the lined pockets of the FDA) are one of the main reasons that the other drugs are prohibited.

Drug Cartels and Drug companies dwell in similar and shameful beds of profits.

"You sell your new, fancy-named drugs with all of their horrible side-effects---and make your billions---and we'll continue to sell our 'drugs'".

Congress seems intimidated by the powerful lobbies of the Pharmaceutical Corporations and the Drug Cartel "lords".

Barack Obama could be a turning point in this old argument about ending this prohibition of illegal drugs, but we shouldn't hold our breaths.

The FDA approves legal drugs even when adequate testing is not made.


a.k.a. NutraSweet)

This last strange-sounding ingredient is so small on packaging where it lies (with an emphasis on lies) that you can barely see it.
Just hearing the word PHENYLKETONURICS makes me feel as if I'm hearing an extraterrestrial language.

Google Apartame dangers and your consciousness will be awakened to its dangers.

I am not so much condoning or encouraging the use of marijuana [or any drug for that matter], as I am condemning the obscene reality of what drug prohibition is doing to Afghanistan, Mexico...THE WORLD!

Legalize ALL DRUGS...
Not just the ones that the rich Dr. Jekylls approve, regulate, and sell.

Don't get me wrong, there are some honest doctors and scientists, and there are some very useful and life-saving "legal" medicines.

But end the "PROHIBITION".

I heard someone say that if the poppy-growers in Afghanistan were under International controls and regulations, then the entire world would benefit from cheaper and safer opiates.

The "poppy farmers" would survive...
The Taliban would die.

But to stay alive and in business---and to continue making their billions and billions---pharmaceutical companies and military corporations want to continue fighting their wars on drugs and "terrorists", and the Drug Cartel thugs continue to be ecstatic and murderous.

And so the insidious serpent continues to eat its inveterate tail.


GOD only knows what is going to happen.

The President of the United States could have been Mr. McCain, Mr. Magoo, or Donald Duck, and the U.S. and the world would still be about where each is right now.

At first, Obama gave more hope than the previous dissembling Cheney-Bush cabal.

Barack was eloquently placating and reasoning, not pre-emptively boasting and bombing.

But the escalation in Afghanistan has changed hope into despair.

The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were approved by both U.S. political parties after being bred and hatched by NeoCons.

These wars (and others) are produced and sponsored by the Military-Industrial-Petroleum Complex.

They have put America where it is.

I began to be more hopeful when Barack Obama was elected than I had been with the dissembling Cheney-Bush gang.

We have inherited the sins, bad deeds, and deep debts of our fathers.

We are reaping what we have sowed.

Blame is easy.

Change is not.

The banks, the credit card companies, the Vatican, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China..
Any country...

Any individual---

In fact, the entire pageantry and history of the world has been "beholden" to gold, riches and MONEY.

I would be disingenuous to say that I was any different, though I treasure poetry more.

America has trod a treacherous and murderous road for decades.

We benefit at the marketplace because goods are so cheap.

Commodities are made "cheaply" in Indonesia, China etc, in order for us to buy them cheaply here.

When I was growing up the joke was always to point out the "Made in Japan" labels.

Today I am glad when I see anything that is Made in America!

This country is borrowing (and has borrowed) itself to near economic collapse in order to finance its wars (big and small).

It is not good that we have become less self-sufficient over-consumers.

Is Globalization Democratization?
(Is Democratization really a word?)

America has helped many nations.

America has been both a benevolent and bellicose nation---

For Good and Bad---
Beautiful and ugly.

All empires rise and fall.

America is (or was?) an empire.

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