Wednesday, December 23, 2009


President Obama is trying to do good.

Bush didn't try very hard at much of anything.

Except for taking vacations.

One could say that Bush was on a death panel and death trip the entire time of his Decidership.


Bush laughed and lied.

President Obama has the world supporting him.

Bush did not.

Bush got "support" from Islamic suicide bombers.


Both Presidents used our tax dollars to bail out "financial institutions" so that they could continue to give us OUR money.

"What? What!!"

as David Letterman says.

But only one so far deserves to be placed in a "mental institution".


Bush depressed the world.

Obama IS trying to make it a little more hopeful.

(Except for the escalation in Afghanistan.)

Just being able to speak English better than the Decider
makes us less hateful and sad.

Fewer people want to kill us.

Go Obama!

Hang in there!

Time for 0ne more

Dick Cheney...

Conservative of the Year?

Just what did he *conserve?


[*conserve: verb=save, protect]

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