Friday, January 31, 2014


The big day is here:

The Super Bowl.

Today’s gladiators will fight (not to the death), but to the tunes of colliding tendons and bones, and the abundant rattling of mantled craniums.

Why do so many of us love to watch football?

We certainly don’t watch because we want to see these gladiators get injured.

Getting hurt just comes with the territory.

Maybe women tune in to watch the padded and unpadded areas of the players:

“Ooh, nice butt.  Wow, look at those legs!”

Commentators should talk less.

I miss John Madden.

He didn’t go on and on about statistics, but stayed focused on the live action, and gave humorous and concise one-liners.

I like the finesse of the running and passing.

The one hand catches by receivers!

The flying vaults to get touchdowns and first downs!

Perhaps forgotten and not given enough credit are the actions of the linemen.

The sounds of the tumult which emanate from their grunts, groans, and growls should be amplified to force spectators to appreciate their arduous labors.

If getting there is half the fun, then arriving is the pinnacle of the spectacle.


And then the roars---not of lions---but of spectators who are watching the lion hearts!

Everyone enjoy!




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