Saturday, April 05, 2014


Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith and the rest of that ghoulish clique still call the foreign policy shots for national Republicans. Despite their abject failures — both technocratically and morally — Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld remain in good standing with the people who run one of America’s only two serious political parties. If Mitt Romney were president right now, with Dan Senor by his side, the United States could be ramping up for war with Iran or Russia, preparing to once again spread freedom from the barrel of a gun as if Fallujah and Abu Ghraib never happened.

Money does talk, and now, thanks to the Supreme Court, money will talk until the cows come home, until the chickens come home to roost, until hell freezes over...

The Almighty dollar now controls American democracy!

The love of money will now embrace our future leaders like there is no tomorrow (and there may not be after big business and super-rich, domestic  (and foreign) powers shower their money on leaders they will pay for).

Finally, we will get the government we deserve


Less is not more.

The more money you have, the more power you have.

Thank you United States Supreme Court!



There are forces, this time mostly in the West that for greed and profit would like to set free the Demon called “Cold War” once again! These infernal corporations of the war business, their puppet politicians and their media hacks fantasize that propagating the Russian Federation as some new Soviet Union to be contained will bring decades of profits and like the financially flush times of the last Cold War market, never lead to a nuclear war.

Democrat and Republican leaders alike have become converts to the Neconservative, US hegemonic philosophy that could bring this about. These agents of corporate fascism overtaking the Western World choose your leaders now. They have propped up Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, as big business’s choices. You are expected to choose one of them when you go through the motions of voting for US president in 2016. Both of these puppets have completely converted to the Neo-”Con” job. Either way, your next US president will be a channel for war market mongers!

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