Tuesday, May 20, 2014



I have owned a few cats in my lifetime.

Or I should say that they owned me.

One cat that I had was either killed or ran away.

So, I've seen---and cleaned!---shitloads of cat litter, or I should say loads and loads of shit in cat litter.

Either way it was not very pleasant, but I wanted my cats to feel comfortable, be at home, and have their special place to poop.

They never thanked me in any demonstrative way.

And it nettled me when they wanted to poop right after I had just cleaned their little house of poop.

Sometimes they chose a place outside in the dirt or sand to do their little duty, and that helped me on the cost of the the cat litter since I wouldn't need to buy as much when they were doing their duty outdoors.

I didn't worry too much about the type of litter that I bought, as long as it was the cheapest price.

I confess that I did like the kind that smelled better than the others, and I liked the kind that said on the bag or container that it was dust free.

Now I have learned that there is organic and inorganic cat litter, AND IT DOES MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE WHETHER THE LITTER IS ORGANIC OR INORGANIC, especially when radioactive waste is packed by the litter:


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - New Mexico environment officials say more than 500 barrels of waste from Los Alamos National Laboratory were packed with the kitty litter suspected of causing a chemical reaction and radiation release at the government's underground nuclear waste dump.”

{May 20, 2014}


Humans are being killed by their own waste, whether it be plastic, radioactive, or carbon.

But we're having a jolly good time, aren't we?

We're always going places.

We're texting our asses off... well, they're actually quite large, but we are doing a lot of texting.

We're social networking!

We're watching so much television that nature and books seem dead to us.

There are exceptions.

I don't have cats anymore.

Or cat litter...

Organic, inorganic, or dust-free.



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