Tuesday, June 10, 2014




Can't you get it through your thick skull?”

You're so hard-headed!

Both are true of humans, but especially of male humans.

If you believe in evolution (“Don't monkey around with this one.”), then you might believe a recent report which indicates that humans developed thicker jaws and foreheads after they were able to curl their fists.

A curled fist was able to bash another face with much greater force.

Monkeys only did a lot of slapping.

To have more protection for their faces from the fists of others, stronger and thicker bone structure evolved:

...fisticuffs spawned our facial structure, a phenomenon that's even more pronounced in men.”

Of course, a lot of damaging blows resulted until evolution could do its thing.

But “For the past 2 million years, the face of Homo Sapiens has gradually become less robust...”

It's good that boxing gloves and protective head gear also evolved.


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