Sunday, October 05, 2014






I confess, I like plastic bags, and I re-use them after I unpack my groceries.

I put other plastic and paper into them that I want to recycle.

I also use them for my trash.

I am thankful for these little plastic bags.

I guess that I am melting the ice caps, but I must have these little plastic bags.

Last year I read somewhere that, soon, plants could be used to make bags so we wouldn't continue to stomp carbon all over the face of the earth.

Then there are those 35,000 walruses who don't have any ice to live on since I use my little plastic bags.


But there is some good news:

My poo and your poo can be used as an alternative source of energy, and perhaps our fecal matter will take up the load and displace all of the pollution that plastic bags produce.

I certainly hope so.



On a much cleaner subject there is water.

Scientists are wondering (they wonder about everything, don't they?) how so much water came to be on the Earth.

Of course, we know that God did it, but how did He do it?

Did God direct His Angels to propel asteroids at the Earth where they collided and then implanted all of Earth's water?


There weren't any plastic bags around back then, and very little poo poo.

Progress has been made.
It's good to be alive.






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