Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Boston, Massachusetts

I lived in an apartment on Symphony road in the summer of 1968.
In the summer of 1968 Boston was hot, muggy, and wonderful.
My visit would last two months, and I loved every minute.

I was hired at the first job that I had applied for.
It was a job as head receiver in a major retail store.
The work was hard, but I was in good physical condition.
I had not started smoking or drinking yet, and so I was the man for the job.
I was twenty years old.
I was visiting my brother who was working on his Phd. at Boston College.
I only saw him once or twice while in Boston.

I did a lot of walking.
Walking across the St. Charles Bridge was always a short and easy stroll.
I don't remember riding the trolleys that much, but I enjoyed hearing the sounds that they made.

There were always seagulls.

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