Friday, June 12, 2015

JUNE 12, 1982

The biggest demonstration on earth (until the global anti-Iraq war march of Feb 15, 2003) took place in New York on June 12, 1982, when one million people gathered in support of the second UN Special Session on Disarmament and to protest nuclear weapons.


New York City.
June 12, 1982:
The Great Peace March.

And Now.
Sitting here. Typing.
 Listening to the Grateful Dead sing Visions of Johanna.

 Thinking about another vision that has been blinded.

 Has gotten covered with blinders of shared complacency.

Helpless renunciation.

Forlorn acceptance that we cannot change things as they are.

I went.
  I saw.
 I concurred…
With one million other souls.
June 12, 1982.
To stop the Nuclear Arms Race.


Peace in
War out!

Redemption Song!

June 12.
This date is forever etched on my memory.
It was June 12, 1982 when I was in New York for the Great Peace March, a giant anti-nuclear weapons rally.
I walked backwards on Fifth Avenue to take pictures of the oncoming “parade”.
I then walked to Central Park and sat among an estimated 1,000,000 persons.
According to New York's Parks and Recreation, it was one of the cleanest days in New York history.
It was also reported that there had not been ONE reported incident of violence!
I had taken a walk the night before. 
At one point (I think it was right after I walked past a man who was sleeping on the sidewalk) I looked up and saw a full moon.
And the figure of a cross was across it.
I thought to myself, "This is a good omen."
The nuclear arms race didn't end
I suppose it will never end.
But we tried on June 12.


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