Friday, June 12, 2015


In this photo provided by NASA, astronaut Michael Good works with the Hubble Space Telescope in the cargo bay of the earth-orbiting space shuttle Atlantis, Friday, May 15, 2009. Astronauts Good and Mike Massimino, not shown, participated in the second session of STS-125 extravehicular activity, as part of a five-day beehive-like agenda of space walking and work on the giant orbital observatory (AP Photo/NASA)


Our earthly eyes may soon get to see what the beginning of “our” Universe looked like.
But not its very, very beginning.
Only 600,000,000 years before The Beginning.
But what if the Universe (as we think we know it) is much older than the oft’-quoted age of between 13.5 and 14 billion years?
What if (like other misconceptions we’ve held about the earth and sun) OUR universe is a tangential part of a much larger UNIVERSE?)
I know: I’m being heretical and ridiculous.

I suppose that our terrestrial peering into the heavens will help in some areas of our terrestrial existence.
Can this kind of information help us to pay our bills?
Win wars?
Cure cancer?
Stop Global Warming?
Paint pictures or write poetry?
What is it really worth for us to be able to get to and discover the “starting gate” of Space and Time?
What’s the point of all this cosmic seeing?
Will it help us to know ourselves better or to solve our problems?If the universe didn’t exist would it be necessary to create one?
I find this sort of research interesting, but I don’t always see any abundant intrinsic or extrinsic value.
The mountain is there. It will not come to us. So we must go to the mountain.

Maybe on the way we’ll bump into some of our extraterrestrial cousins.
“Hello. Are you old enough to remember the BIG BANG? "
"Of course."
“Good. Larry King wants you to be on his show tomorrow night.”

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing more beautiful pictures between all of those infinite spaces.
But I have a suggestion for NASA:
Please point Hubble’s eye to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and keep it pointed there until we find out what is going to happen in 2016.


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