Thursday, April 07, 2016


I boarded a train.
I had no idea where it was going, but in my mind I thought it might get me to Sri Lanka.
The train was old and moved slowly.
It was a hot and bumpy ride.
I was sitting next to man who said that he worked for the government.
Becoming nostalgic for America, I asked him if he knew who Johhny Carson was, but he shook his head "No".
Then I saw a shiny metal box that triggered a paranoiac reaction.
I said to myself "Bomb".
I had to get off of the train before it exploded.
I walked to an open door of the train car that I was riding in and looked out.
I said to myself:
"I will jump when I see a lot of green", knowing that when I jumped I wanted to land on something soft.
The train had just gone by a field of tall and bright-yellow mustard plants when Isaw the green.
I jumped.
I hit the ground and rolled.
The impact smashed the round, gold-rimmed glasses I was wearing, and I was left now only with my dark sunglasses; but luckily they were prescription lens...otherwise I would have been a blindman because I am both so near and far-sighted.
I brushed myself off and was thankful that I wasn't hurt.
It was getting dark and cooler.
It also started raining.
I looked around for shelter.
I saw a tall mound of hay, and thought it might protect me.
I went to it and sat down, pulling hay over me, but the hay didn't stop the rain or shelter me from it.
But it was only a light rain, and then it stopped.
Up ahead was a light.
It was a small wooden enclosure with two Indian men inside.
They offered me tea.
They wanted to know who I was.
What was my name?
I shrugged and pretended that I didn't understand.
One of them pulled out a map of the world.
I pointed to South America, and started speaking some Spanish.
I didn't want them to know that I was an American.
I wasn't sure that India (or at least these men) liked Americans much.
They shook their heads some more.
I drank my tea and left.
It was getting late, and I was now very tired.
I saw a canopied wooden bin that was filled with corn meal.
I stepped inside it, covered myelf with the corn meal, and went to sleep.
When I woke up the next morning I couldn't find my dark sunglasses.
I got out of my warm bed and started protesting to people around me.
I was waving my arms and pointing to my face, and holding an imaginary pair of glasses to my face.
Then I held the proxy frames up to the sun.
Finally, one person pointed in the direction of a fenced building (it was a factory of some sort).
I walked to the fence, and as I was walking, a sheperd with a stick was guiding his "flock" of pigs down the road.
It was quite a sight to see the little pigs obediently following him.
I got to the fence.
Someone came out and handed me my sunglasses.
I was very relieved to get them back.
Below is a poem that I wrote about this part of my adventure.

I walked & walked until my shoes fell off.
When I saw green I jumped off the old train.
When I hit the ground & rolled over I was
Surprised I was alive.
I had bruises.
I walked into a medical clinic.
They said I
Was ok & so I left.
I had on my dark sunglasses, mysterious-looking dark stranger,
The sky got gray, the night got
It started to rain.
I climbed onto a Haystack to cover myself with straw (it was a lousy idea)
So I climbed into a small grain bin with a little roof & covered
Myself with corn meal
So warm & cozy
I had on my dark sunglasses.
I slept.
I woke up.
It was a sunny morning.
My dark sunglasses
Were gone.
Men were staring down at me
As I climbed out of that warm corn meal heaven
Someone handed me my sunglasses.
I was so relieved.
I could see again.
I started
My feet bled.


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