Sunday, March 15, 2009


If I must pay a nickel on every gallon of my (global-warming) gas to pay for the trillions of deficits that both political parties and previous presidents have bequeathed to me and future generations---and if that nickel per gallon must be paid by me and my grandchildren in order to save this Republic---then I say, YES, I want to pay a nickel for each gallon of gas that I pour into my carbon monoxide-spewing vehicle.

The Republicans rail about finding new revenue to pay for the culpability by both political parties.
Republicans criticize only the Democrats for the perpetuation of the profoundly large national deficit.

Both parties are responsible.

It's o.k. to spend, spend, spend---but then when it comes to getting the additional revenue to pay for this spending, the accusative screeching starts---blaming the Democrats for wanting to increase taxation.

Bring most soldiers home from other nations to defend and protect this nation.
This would generate a lot of money so that taxation would be less necessary.

As a previous heavy smoker and drinker, I would want my vices to generate revenue for my country if I still smoked and drank.
That's right, tax the booze and nicotine!

I know that I and my fellow citizens have to bite the bullets that have already been fired by the previous generations of presidents and politicians.

I want Obama's choices to succeed, but some Republicans (even say) that they want Obama to that they can achieve majority status again?

I know that I live in the greatest country on earth. I will gladly suffer the pain and sacrifice to pay more taxes if these necessary revenues can save my country.

It may not be right, but it is necessary.

America now has a president and a Congress who have put the weal and welfare of the nation at the forefront---not just oil moguls and corporations who were given more revenue for their false-flag wars.

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