Thursday, September 03, 2009



The cries of power!
The steeds and golden saddles of nuclear horsemen!
Chariots racing closer and closer to the shore of Enlightenment!
Start again, said the bionic man,
Blood and bone are irradiated.
Go on smiling, said the beggar man.
The Stone Age, the Metal Age, the Dark Ages,
The Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution...
Voyages in oceans and galaxies!
The Gold Rush, the Golden Lust, the Garden of Eden...
Voyages in oceans and galaxies!
Where are you Adam and Eve?
Where in the devil is God?
Men kissed Prometheus again
When Atom walked
Onto the stage
Of raging flame.

By M.L. Squier
[a.k.a. Mad Plato]

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