Monday, April 16, 2012


Hey, Columbus, what did you really see?
If Mr. Columbus had not gotten lost, and he had worn Google glasses, what would have become of---No, what would the New World have become?
Or would it have been or become anything?
To see clearly is a benefit to be sure---and to have fun and be entertained are also good things---but would inventions, discoveries, or adventures ever have existed if apps and Google glasses had ruled people then as they seem to do now?
Technology is pouring endless gifts into our laps as if we were gods…or maybe these electron-silicon things have become our gods.
Magical, electronic gadgets have flooded our gates.
In the long run will our electronic tinker toys make us wiser?
Or are they just mass-produced, titillating, and temporal distractions?
Are they merely beloved and little luxuries that inure us to (and hide us from) existential realities that are too hard to bear?
Is our ethical awareness diminished or increased by all of these new-fangled gadgets?
Do we really need them like we need food and water?
Will the human race come together more quickly the more we buy and use our electrified, robotic gewgaws?
Is too much of our time frittered away on these brilliant baubles?
Will our beguiling, electronic bagatelles make the world a better place?
Where would we go, or what would we BE or BECOME if all of our amusing and addictive playthings vanished?
Google that!
P.S. Do we ever really know where we are…what we are…where we’re going...or what we see?

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