Sunday, May 06, 2012


 Celestial Rose by Gustave Doré

Even though pundits and prophets are throwing their divine darts at Destiny’s dartboard, only Providence knows what is going to happen in 2012.
The Mayans might know.
NASA might know.
Your dog might know.
The next president of the United States could be Mr. Romney, Mr. Magoo, Donald Duck (or Daffy), or Barack Obama…
And it might not matter a hill of beans.
This nation is no longer in our hands, the hands of the people.
The furtive fingers of a shadow government are wrapped around our necks.
We all dwell on a dark gallows.
The technocracy that we love, with all of its sundry and titillating gadgets, has given us slavery, not Freedom.
We are all prisoners.
We all dwell in this electronic-cybernetic paradise.
Bombs fall, babies die, but we are happy.

Barack Obama, at least, had given me more hope than the dissembling Cheney-Bush regime.

But Barack Obama is still just another chief executioner of orders from above, while placating, reasoning, and waxing with his poetic rhetoric.
 He is a charming family man. 
But what he does (and will do) are far more important than what he looks like or says.
President Obama isn’t boasting as much as George W. Bush, but he is bombing with more drones.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were not partisan issues, because these invasions were approved by both U.S. political parties.

These wars (and others) were produced by the Pentagon and the Military-Industrial-Petroleum Complex.
They put us where we are.
But where are we?
Where are we going?

I am still more hopeful with Obama swatting flies, and not Mitt Romney.
Obama can also sing and dance better than Romney.

We have inherited the sins, the bad deeds, and the deep debts of our precursors, left, right, Republican, and Democratic.
You and are reaping what our predecessors have sowed.
Blame is easy, but hopefulness is not.

Trickling and Tricks (not that kind) are trademarks of the GOP. 
They trickle their off-shore jobs and bank accounts, and they avoid paying their commensurately earned taxes into the U.S. Treasury.
Sure, let them become rich, but they should pay MORE than their fair share.
For the Good of a nation that is in peril.
I’m going to vote for the right candidate, and my Ouija board, tea leaves, and Tarot cards will decide who that is.


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