Sunday, June 10, 2012


Now is an age of endless and magical apps.
An app a day keeps…
What away? 
 Keeps ourselves away from ourselves and each other?
I speak to you, but you don’t hear me! 
Thy app is the apple of your eye, not I!
Thy phone is your paramour!
 Not I, thy beloved!  
 We devote hours and hours to our external, electronic pleasures. 
Electrons permeate our lives---our hearts and minds---
But what of our souls!
Special effects have mesmerized us.
We cannot bear too much reality, and so we don’t.
We gloat with gusto and glee inside our magical, kaleidoscopic kingdoms.
We can’t get enough of this stuff that makes us guffaw with pleasure.
We are not shocked too easily anymore.
We’ve become cybernetic clones!
Students are too busy to think or read, because they must text, text, text, and push their little buttons on their little phones, and titillate themselves with their captivating games!
Leave us alone!
 This is what we must do!
 It is our existence!
 This is our bliss! 
A dictator can more easily do what he or she wishes to do because its citizenry is way too occupied to notice anything except their pulsating screens.

 In the meantime, pilot-less, military (and domestic) drones fly above our addled and apped heads, dropping Zeus-like missiles and bombs down upon enemies, but also upon innocent men, women, and children.


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