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“…scientists are taking tiny, incremental steps toward melding humans and machine all the time. Ray Kurzweil, the futurist and now Google’s director of engineering, argued in “The Singularity Is Near,” a 2005 book, that technology is advancing exponentially and that ‘human life will be irreversibly transformed’  to the point that there will be no difference between ‘human and machine or between physical and virtual reality.’”

A little taste of this is happening right now before our eyes, and perhaps soon, inside of our minds.

3-D is not something new, but it is becoming more and more sophisticated, and like TV and RADIO, 3D will also become mainstream and commonplace.

Google glasses are only a first step in a tall staircase of wonders (or blunders?) to come.

Electronic Miniaturization is happening at lightning speed.

The trash heaps and recycle factories can’t keep up with it all.


“At the Swarm Lab, Peter Ledochowitsch, a researcher with a thick red beard, described a minimally invasive brain implant designed to read intentions from the surface of the brain. So far, the device has been implanted in an anesthetized rat; a prototype for alert animals is in the works. But eventually, he said, it would allow paralyzed people to communicate, or to control a robotic arm or a wheelchair. It could also allow you to start your car if you think, ‘Start my car.’”

I think, therefore I am?

No, I think, and it happens!

This reminds me of the alleged reports where one of the tribes of aliens can read our minds.

Yeah, sure.


“‘Look at this,’ he (Dmitry Itskov)  said, opening his laptop on the table and starting a slide show with one heartbreaking statistic after another: Almost one billion people are now starving. Forty-nine countries are currently involved in military conflict. Ten percent of people are disabled. And so on.”

“‘That is the picture of this world that we created, with the minds we have today, with our set of values, with our egotism, our selfishness, our aggression,’ he went on. ‘Most of the world is suffering. What we’re doing here does not look like the behavior of grown-ups. We’re killing the planet and killing ourselves.’”

Sounds like another Utopia chaser.

How long have philosophers moaned about how terrible we are as humans (monsters?)?

But has this moaning ever changed anything?

Prophets are always shot or hung.

El Diablo seems to have the upper hand.


“TO change that picture, he reasons, we must change our minds, or give them a chance to evolve,’ to use one of his favorite words. Before our minds can evolve, though, we need a new paradigm of what it means to be human. That requires a transition to a world where most people aren’t consumed by the basic questions of survival.”

But untold by Mr. Itskov are the processes and methods that will be used to change our minds, and the current La condition humaine and its destiny.

Is this “evolution” to be done through genetic and mechanical manipulation?

I need to bring up those creepy aliens once again, because there are some humans who claim that aliens (the good or bad ones?), have been tinkering with and manipulating humans for some time.

Who knows?
Maybe Dmitry Itskov is an example.
It's not just a movie anymore.












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