Thursday, October 17, 2013




I used to think that the gecko in Geico commercials was really cute.

But I’m sick of this gecko.



Do you ever get tired of hearing sports announcers say, “There’s still time” or “There’s plenty of time.”


I’m fed up with ordering from the fast-food drive-thru, then finding out that what they gave me is not what I ordered.

I try to enunciate clearly, but the order that I get is sometimes wrong.

One morning at the Golden Arches, I ordered an egg McMuffin and some hash browns, and then drove away without checking my order.

When I got to work, I had a sundae in my bag.


A local radio station once had a contest where people had to figure out what the fast-food person was mumbling.

I figured it out, and won a free breakfast.


I’m tired of having to listen people on their cell phones who practically scream when they talk.

 Please, cell phone users, lower your voices.

I really don’t want to hear what you’re saying.


How about when you turn your turn signal on to change lanes, and then the driver in the vehicle behind you quickly enters the lane!


On the home front:

Replace the toilet tissue roll when you’ve used up the other one. 

Make sure lids are screwed tight on jars so that they don’t go flying out of the next person’s hands.

Replace the cap on the tube of toothpaste.

Sweep the kitchen floor at least once a year.







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