Sunday, December 13, 2015


If we do not want Syria in 2016 to become 

what Sarajevo became in 1914, the powder 

keg that explodes into a world war, the War 

Party Republicans, who have learned 


from the past, should be relegated to the past.


Ted Cruz, a man who thinks he’s qualified to be commander in chief, decries terrorists’ taking of innocent lives while agitating for bombing that would kill thousands of noncombatants and radicalize thousands more. What he’s saying shows an utter lack of fitness to command America’s armed forces.”

Excerpt from Ted ‘Carpet-Bomb’ Cruz

DEC. 11, 2015


Trump’s plan to use thermonuclear weapons against ISIS-held areas such as the Syrian city of Al-Raqqah would result in an astronomically high number of civilian casualties, according to CNN military analyst Peter Mansoor. “Al-Raqqah alone has a population of over two hundred-thousand people, the vast majority of whom are not affiliated in any way with the Islamic State,” Mansoor said. “A strike of this magnitude would not only result in the loss of millions of innocent lives and infrastructure, but it would set diplomacy and stability in the region back at least a hundred years.”
Civilian casualties are an 


“reality of war” according to 


who justified the use of nuclear 

weapons saying they “send a clear 

message to those who conspire 

against America and her allies.”


Two nut jobs for the price of one.

That's what we get with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Trump has indicated that Ted Cruz might be his choice for a running mate.

Boy, won't these two make America great again?

Can you picture these two with their fingers on America's nuclear buttons?


There is something else in the news absolutely unrelated to Trump and Cruz (at least I think there is no relationship).

A dead woman who had donated her body to science fell out of a van while in transit.

She didn't know she fell out of the van because she was dead, so she didn't suffer.

Just her family.

Body left for science slips out of van on Texas road

Elderly woman's body found after falling 

through the back window of transport van.


Too many cops are unnecessarily shooting and killing too many people.


Before too long we won't see women exposing their cleavage and legs anymore.

They'll just be naked.

Liberation at last!


A woman successfully committed suicide by jumping out of a building, but she landed on another woman who had no thought of suicide or getting hit by a suicidal, falling woman.

Pedestrian is left seriously injured by suicidal woman who jumped out of a Manhattan building and landed on her

  • Jump occurred on Friday on First Avenue near 51st Street around 3.15pm 
  • A 56-year-old woman jumped from a third story and was pronounced dead at Bellevue Hospital
  • The 71-year-old woman she hit was taken to Cornell University Hospital with serious injuries.  


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