Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I now was walking in a suburban part of New Delhi. 
Streets looked more like American streets.
The traffic was not as fast and furious.
I kept seeing advertisements for the Day of the Jackal (a movie that was released in 1973).
It felt as if jackals might be ready to attack me.
I got off of the main streets and walked into a neighborhood of family residences.
After a short amount of walking, I came to one home that for some reason attracted my attention.
I walked closer.
I couldn't believe my eyes!
In front of the house stood someone who looked like one of the apes from the movie Planet of the Apes
I didn't know if I was hallucinating; but how could it have been anything else?
The person who had moments before looked like an ape now was human.
I don't remember what I said.
Maybe I said "I'm lost."
I was invited inside the home.
An American greeted me.
He asked me if I wanted something to drink.
I think I said "A screwdriver".
The servant brought my drink to me on a fancy tray.
In another room I heard the voice of Jimmy Carter speaking, then I heard the man of the house say to someone else,
"He seems to be on drugs or something."

This irritated me, but I didn't want to offend my host, and so I ignored the accusation.
The next thing I know he said that I would be taken somewhere safe.
I got into a small car and was on my way to "somewhere safe", but in my paranoid mind I saw death waiting for me.
I told my driver "Stop! Stop!"
He shook his head and kept going.
I screamed "Stop now and let me out!"
He slowed down and almost stopped when I opened the door and hopped out.
I started running.
A dog started barking and chasing me.
Then the dog bit me.
I was sure I would get rabies, and began looking for a hospital.
I walked for hours.
I remember it was about 2 in the morning.
I came to a gate that had the name of a medical office.
The gate was closed, but I opened it, walked in and knocked on the front door.
A man came to door and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.
I apologized for the late visit.
He asked "How can I help you?"
I told him that I had been bitten by a dog.
He asked me inside.
He asked me to show him the bite.
Then he got a bottle with the name "SPIRIT" on it. 
He put SPIRIT on some cotton, dabbed the bite, and said that it would be fine.
I left and started walking.


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