Thursday, March 03, 2016


Traveling to India remains a blur in my memory.
Perhaps I had been unconscious.
I certainly had been sick.
But here I was in busy, colorful India.
I remember I bought some books, then looked for a place to sleep for the night.
I also wanted something to eat.
I left the books in a room that I had rented, and then went to a restaurant.
I remember that I ordered something with curry (but in India everything seems to have curry).
I suddenly didn't have an appetite.
I went back my room, but I couldn't sleep.
A radio kept blasting some news.
The word shah kept getting repeated.
I left.
I began walking.


I wasn't walking to find anything.
I just wanted to look at everything.
I continued to walk and walk.

When they finally found me I was only wearing pants.
My socks, shirt, and shoes had been gone for some time.
Since I hadn't bathed in about two weeks, I didn't smell like a rose.
I had eaten very little for two weeks.
I had lost about forty pounds.
My corrective eyeglasses were also gone.
I was blind as a bat when they found me.
It had been a walking nightmare.


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