Sunday, March 27, 2016


I found myself outside of a wooden fence with an opening.
I entered and saw women and children.
One woman said something to the children and they soon appeared with a cot.
They took the cot out through the opening.
I followed.
Then the woman indicated I should lie down on the cot.
I did.
Then a child brought me a bowl with a white liquid in it.
I drank a little.
It tasted warm and sour.
I guess the family took one look at me and saw someone who needed some nourishment, which I certainly did; but I couldn't drink much of this liquid.
I got off of the cot, thanked my hosts, and then a child suddenly ran up to give me this beautiful quilted blanket of many colors.
I started walking again with the colorful quilt wrapped around my shoulders.
It wasn't too long before I came to a place where there were people standing with some cows and one beautiful white Brahma bull.
I turned around and saw some other people getting onto the wooden platform of a cart.
Then for some reason I turned around and there in front of me was that beautiful white Brahma bull.
His horns were just inches away from me.
Although I have read that bulls are color-blind, I wondered if this particular bull wasn't.
Maybe he saw the colorful quilt and came up for a closer look.
I got onto the wooden platform, and the cart began to move away.
During the ride an old man lightly touched my ribs.
It felt strange.
I think he was checking to see how emaciated I really was.
I wrote a poem about this part of my journey.
Here it is:

Lost In India Part I

I was thinking about India and
The white Brahma bull.
I was just standing around.
Wearing a colorful quilt.
When I turned around.
The Brahma bull was touching my nose.
Life's movements
Quickly move like that Brahma bull.
Attracted to colorful motion.
Suddenly it is here.
Then I got onto the cart.
Being pulled by a different bull.
The dark Indian man lightly touched me.
Felt my ribs.
Wondering in silence.
Who was I?
Why so thin?


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