Sunday, June 03, 2007


The Bush administration is creating refugees, not helping them.

Until Mr. Bush ends his occupation of Iraq, the numbers of refugees will rise, and so will the decimation of the civilian population.

Nobody wants to admit the truth that a half million Iraqis have already died in their "liberated" country.

With numbers like that, though, refugees stay on the back burner.

Get out of Iraq sooner---not later.


Condoleeza Rice likes to see and hear what she wants to see and hear.

She and the Long War Decider President are real good at this.

Remember when Ms. Rice saw mushroom clouds?

Although Russian president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is not exactly a liberal, nor his regime very democratic, some actions of the U.S. are not exactly an incentive for creating good relations.

The Bush regime does what it wants to do with very few concerns whether others like it or not.

Rice is wrong.

There will always be an unthawed cold war between Russia and America unless we have leaders who are less bent on self-delusion and self-destruction.

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