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These guys got away with these hawkish fantasies because they bamboozled the poor evangelicals into believing they would support public morality, and bamboozled poor conservatives into thinking they would uphold small government. Instead, they are hitching their wagons to a multi-trillion dollar quagmire abroad and don't give a rat's ass about evangelical values.

Juan Cole


Most of the ten Republican presidential candidates pulled out the fear-mongering terrorist card.

John McCain and Rudy Giuliani were adept at doing this.

Both McCain and Giuliani believe that the Iraq war is right, and they want Americans to elect them so that each can do a better job than the Long War President Decider has done losing it.

McCain parroted the Bush mantra that the Iraq war is tough and hard, but it must be won. McCain also uttered that they will follow us home if the United States leaves Iraq.

Rudy Giuliani accused the Democratic presidential candidates of being in denial about the Iraq war and accused them of being indifferent patsies for Islamic terrorism.

Mr. Giuliani also mirrored the Bush belief that Iraq is now a very big (biggest) terrorist threat.

Self-delusion seems to be epidemic in the Republican party.

The big moment of the evening was when Giuliani was asked to comment on something that the Catholic Church has made about Giuliani’s position on abortion.

A sharp crack of lightning sounded as Giuliani was speaking.

He made a small joke about the possible celestial message coming from the lightning strike(s).

His humorous comment lightened the debate.

Below are my notes on the debate.

These are either actual words or my paraphrasing of what the 10 candidates said.

My own thoughts and comments are in brackets.
Most of the candidates didn’t answer or had trouble giving direct answers to Mr. Blitzer’s question: What was Bush’s biggest mistake? I guess they did not want to completely kill the Republican party.

Mitt Romney:

[Mr. Romney is in denial. There was sufficient evidence that Saddam Hussein did not have WMD. Bush kicked out inspectors before they finished the job.]

You don't take options off the table.

We are not arrogant.

We have resolve.

Immigration plan allows too many illegals to stay in the U.S.

Enforce the current immigration laws.

Permanent right to stay in America is not right.

I believe in God.

I believe in the Bible.

I believe that Jesus is my savior.

I won't distance myself from my church.

Don't change the policy in military on gays in military.

Bush’s biggest mistake: ?

Rudy: The Iraq war was absolutely the right decision.

Can't rule out using nukes on Iran.

Iran is a nuclear threat.

This war is a real war.

The immigration plan has no unifying purpose.

Identity cards are needed.

No uniform database is in the new Immigration bill.

Is opposed to abortion, but believes that a woman should have personal choice.

Apollo type effort on energy.

Oil profits should be invested.

For more nuclear power.

This is not the right time to discuss the issues of policy of sexual preference in the military.

What we're doing in Iraq, if we get it right, will help us.

Military attack of Iraq is one of America's greatest actions.

The Democrats are on the defense against Islamic terrorism---Republicans are on the offense.

Bush's biggest mistake: ?

McCain: The war was O.K. it was just mismanaged.

Rejects that Iraq is Bush's war. It is the nation's war.

The Immigration bill is good.

For English as official language.

"We have to act my friends."

[Mr. McCain thinks all of us are his friends!]

Every American should be exposed to all theories.

The Hand of God was involved.

God loves us.

The curricula should be left to the school boards.

I’m proud of everyone of them (gay or straight). The policy is working.

The Iraq conflict has been mismanaged.

[McCain started to say war, then quickly substituted the word conflict. This is reminiscent of descriptions given to Vietnam.]

The Iraq war is long and hard and tough but I think we can succeed.

McCain is pro-multilingualism.

Bush's biggest mistake: ?

My friends this is a transcendent struggle (titanic struggle against Islamic extremism).

Duncan Hunter: He read the NIE report.

Still talking about training Iraqis.

Use nukes if there is no other way to remove enrichment facilities in Iran.

The Immigration bill is a disaster.

This administration has the case of the slows. Only 11 miles of the 854 mile fence is done.

It is in our interest to help Iraq not become a terrorist country.

Bush's biggest mistake:

The Republican party has to reunite with the American family.

Mike Huckabee: We underestimate the fight in the dog of the Taliban.

Have to talk at times with Iran.

Confront Iran aggressively.

Strong sanctions.

I believe that there is a God.

Current policy is O.K. in military on gays.

The most pressing moral issue is our sanctity and understanding of human life.

Bush's biggest mistake: ?

Tom Tancredo: Says about Iraq:

"It's a republic if you can keep it."

Will we survive as a nation? We are becoming a bilingual nation, and that is not good.

Very disappointed in Bush.

English holds the country together.

Voting instructions should be in English only.

Jim Gilmore: Work with EU allies and talk to Iran.

But having a nuclear weapon is unacceptable. All options are on the table.

[Author of the phrase RUDY MCROMNEY.]

Look at all sources of energy.

Pro-nuclear power.

Get all nations involved in energy.

Bush's biggest mistake:

Republicans are the party of principle.


Sam Brownback: Supports the Immigration bill if internal and external security is enforced.

We are created in the image of God for a specific purpose.

There is a God in the universe who loves us. Faith and science should not be at odds.

Will introduce a bill of dividing Iraq into 3 states.

Bush's biggest mistake: Lack of communication.

Tommy Thompson: Secure the border first.

No amnesty before that.

Said Bush is very honest! [Ugh!!]

Bush's biggest mistake: ?

Ron Paul: [After nearly 30 minutes Mr. Paul was addressed by Wolf Blitzer. Hmm…wonder why?]

States have to pay for illegals.

Illegal immigrants have become the scapegoat.

It was a mistake to go and and it was a mistake to stay in Iraq.

Our security is more threatened by staying. The sooner we come home the better.

Allow people at the local level to decide matters of faith and religion.

Subsidies should not be given to profit-making oil companies.

Foreign policy is designed to protect oil interests by fighting wars.

Current policy is a decent policy ("Don't ask don't tell.").

Immediately stop patrolling the streets of Iraq.

The most pressing moral issue: Pre-emptive war by Bush who rejected the just war of Christianity.

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