Friday, June 08, 2007


Rep. Jerry Nadler says the actions of the Bush administration when it comes to NSA wiretapping are "worse than Watergate." Is he right?

Yes, he is right. The Watergate incident was bad enough, with the Republicans wanting to dig up dirt and uncover what the Democrats were up to, but the Bush administration was digging up dirt on American citizens, in the name of fighting terrorism. Bush went too far, and still is, and he (and Dick) are shameless because they do not think their domestic snooping is wrong (or UNCONSITUTIONAL!). Rep. Nadler echoes the title and the substance of John Dean's book of the same name. Both are right on the money. The amazing thing is that dirt of the shenanigans committed by Cheney, Gonzalez, Rove (hiding somewhere with his big, bald head) and President Bush are not getting much investigating (yet). This cabal of fools and criminals needs a good spanking. Got impeachment?

What's it going to take to bring the Iraq war to an end?

The end to this war will come when the streets of America are again filled with thousands and thousands of citizens, protesting the war, and demanding its end. Unfortunately, it might take a few thousand more American soldiers dying to arrive at that stage. The Democrats can't be trusted to end it. They're thinking about their re-elections. The Iraqi parliament will probably get fired if they demand that the U.S. leave now. Too much has been invested by Bush in his new Embassy, those military bases, and Halliburton's work projects. Poor dictator.