Friday, June 22, 2007

Q & A

Is it a good idea for the Bush administration to delay tighter border security on the Mexican and Canadian borders?

It's a very bad idea.

It's very dangerous.

But our Decider, with all of his repeated mantras about protecting you and me, isn't protecting us.

He just believes that he is with his pre-emptive war.

His perpetual state of denial is going to get you and me killed.

How could New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's declaration of independence shake up the '08 presidential race?

Bloomberg's wealth will shake up the race.
Bloomberg can buy the presidency better than any other candidate.

This might be good.

A very, very rich man could ignore all of the influences wrought by the corporate powers and rich cronies that have had a stranglehold on most of our presidents.

Should Army combat tours be once again extended from 15-months?


They should not be extended at all.

They should stop.

Congress should cut off all funds.

Bring the troops home.

Start getting ready for the disasters and attacks that are going to come to America.

Iraq is no longer a place where American lives should be sacrificed.

The only tours that should be taken should be by future tourists when they see an Iraq no longer occupied by a foreign power.

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