Friday, August 10, 2007


Considering the instabilities and dangers that abound, the aggressive posture of the Bush regime goes far beyond recklessness. The Bush regime is the most irresponsibly aggressive regime the world has seen since Hitler's.
If only a sweet young thing would volunteer to give Bush a blowjob so that he can be impeached before he leads us to Armageddon.
August 10, 2007
By Paul Craig Roberts
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration

Before I knew there were movies or something called Hollywood, I had dreams of strange ships high up in the sky.

I didn't know what these giant barques and their lights were.

It was only years later that I remembered these strange dreams.

I knew back then that our earth was being watched.

Just before recalling these dreams I was thinking about human progress:


Wax cylinders.

Vinyl records.

8-Track Cartridges.

Cassette Tapes.


Vacuum Tubes.


Silicon Chips.

I wonder what might come next?

Miniaturization is making virtual miracles happen.

Now, if we could only achieve as much progress in making Peace on Earth.

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