Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Q & A

What does it say about the state of Iraq if almost a third of the population is without water, sanitation, food and shelter?

It says that Iraq is in a very thirsty, smelly, hungry, homeless, and hopeless state. I wonder why?

Would you support the increased use of surveillance cameras in American cities?

Yes, monitor every breath and bite we take.

We finally can have those cameras that were in the futuristic novels 1984 and Fahrenheit 451?


Ain't it just dandy!

Should No Child Left Behind be left behind?

Yes, it should be eliminated.

No child's behind is left.

This program takes time away from classroom teaching because it relies too much on just passing tests.

I teach high school ESL, and this program plus the Texas TAKS test (that must be passed in order to receive a diploma) take precious time away from covering the curriculum.

Too many interruptions occur.

Teaching the test, and then practicing the test, then taking the test, then more teaching and testing of the test...all it does is damage the educational process.

Nothing wrong with an exit test.

But make it an exit test...not this constant testing, testing, testing, testing.

Should Supreme Court Justices be required to disclose their medical conditions?

If there are any medical conditions that affect or interfere with the duties of Supreme Court Justices, then those conditions should be disclosed.

Tacoma, Washington plans to use classical music to chase gangs from bus stops. Is that a good idea?

It's a great idea.

While you're at it, play some jazz and a lot of Big Band numbers...

(The down side is that this might make gangs even more loco.)

Should Congress have expanded the Bush administration's authority to eavesdrop without warrants?

No, not if this warrant-less eavesdropping is done on citizens who communicate only within the United States. Then warrants should be obtained.

Do you agree with Newt Gingrich's statement that the Bush administration is waging a "phony war" on terrorism?

The Bush administration has scared the public too much (conveniently just before elections, speeches and legislation).

Bush has not searched for Mr. Bin Laden hard enough.

First, he gave us his WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE poster, and then he said that he didn’t really spend much time thinking about bin Laden.

The war in Iraq was the wrong place to fight terrorists.

Too much time, too much money and too many lives have been sacrificed in Iraq.

Bush is still in his state of denial when he believes that an occupation needs to continue in Iraq. Afghanistan and Pakistan are the nexus and nucleus of the GWOT.

The Bush administration and its perpetual war on terrorism is ludicrous when U.S. ports and borders remain so unprotected.

Phony and propagandistic rhetoric will not defeat al-Qaida.

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