Thursday, August 23, 2007

Q & A

When it comes to the '08 presidential race, are the media paying too much attention too soon?


The more we know about candidates, the better; and sooner is better.

If anything, instead of just sound bites, the media should get more involved.

Allow candidates to debate one-on-one.

Put them on the tube and let them fight it out.

Cute little Internet questions are O.K., but the nation needs to hear and see the minds and souls of these candidates.

Real debating.

Democratic presidential hopeful Chris Dodd says it would be a mistake for Democrats to impeach President Bush. Is he right?

No, it would not be a mistake.

It is the right thing to do.

I am tired of waiting.

Our Constitution will remain permanently damaged if this nation doesn't hold this president accountable for his falsehoods and blunders.

This president should not go scot-free for the war that he wanted, and which now kills soldiers, and guts the national treasury.

Cheney should be impeached first.

We don't want Dick for president if Mr. Bush gets fired.

The Democrats are a bunch of scared cowards only concerned about their own pathetic skins.

For this reason, neither Cheney, Bush...or even Alberto Gonzales will ever be brought to justice.

What do you suppose is in the millions of missing White House e-mails that President Bush doesn't want anyone to see?

Many of these missing emails are the communications that President Bush had with the Almighty.
He cannot let anyone see these because of Executive Privilege. In addition to these emails, Bush probably has a lot of Devil's dirt under his fingernails that he wants no one to see.

What should be done differently in the war on terror?

Here is a short list:
1. Really secure U.S. Borders and Ports.
2. Move most of the troops out of Iraq and put them in areas where Al-Qaeda really is.
3. Have really serious discussions with nations such as Iran, Syria, Russia and China---instead of going down the worn path of war and confrontation.
Not appeasement, but rational dialogue.

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