Saturday, August 04, 2007


Here they go again.

Now Dick Cheney can't recall.

Dick Cheney knows the ropes and has had enough political experience and savvy to recall most events and moments.

Especially key moments.

It’s his heart and not his brain that is Dick’s problem.

Oh…and his SOUL!

Dick can't recall if he had anything to do with the visit by Alberto Gonzales and Andrew Card to the bedside of John Ashcroft.

This visit has to be put in the category of a key moment.

Dick described this lapse of memory to Larry King on July 31, 2007.

He spoke with that tilted head and bent mouth.

Dick needs to be put under oath and swear to tell the truth...ABOUT MANY, MANY KEY MOMENTS.

Maybe giving him some potent anesthesia would

loosen him up and relax his memory-neurons.

If Dick had to testify under oath (with a recorded transcript) he would be more careful about what he says and does.

But Tragedy has already occurred.

What Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, their obedient servants Alberto Gonzales, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Karl Rove (Who else?) have already done to Iraq is a crying, shameful crime.

Their lies have already been told and described in many books and articles.

Their mistaken and tragic deeds have been done.

Their prevarications and fabrications have generated the destruction of an old country.


It's time for some Truth and Justice.

America deserves better than what it has received from this duplicitous and secretive administration.

This administration needs to pay the piper BEFORE they escape their official duties.

One essential demand is for Pelosi to encourage, rather than to block, Congressional investigations of past and ongoing administration deception, unwisdom, illegality and unconstitutionality in pursuing an aggressive war and in curtailing our rights. Such investigations, calling forth testimony under oath of current and former officials many of whom are eager to tell the truth at last, as well as demonstrating continued administration stonewalling, will almost surely lead to what does not yet exist: irresistible pressure from a belatedly-informed public for the impeachment and removal of Bush and Cheney.

Daniel Ellsberg
at a press conference August 9, 2007 at which Cindy Sheehan announced her independent candidacy for the 8th Congressional District of California.

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