Thursday, September 27, 2007


Don't be surprised if Mr. Frankly runs for president.
Mr. Frankly---and I call him that because he so frequently uses that word---is as scary as our current president.
Well...not quite that scary.
But Halloween is approaching, and Mr. Frankly appears to be as well.
Sean Hannity, as usual, was lavishing arse-kissing adulations upon Mr. Frankly.
Mr. Frankly was saying how the Republicans would decrease government and reduce taxes.
Yeah, just look what they did under the Decider Bush's reign.
Mr. Frankly told us that he was a Reagan man.
Yes, Reagan.
What a conservative.
Very little trickling occurred.
But the National Debt of the United States of America increased in the trillions with Mr. Gipper's Tricks and Treats.
Didn't his administration's (scapegoats) also illegally conduit (i.e. sell) arms to our current axis-of-evil partner Iran in order make a a lot of money in order to try to overthrow a government in Central America?
Big government?
Mr. Frankly is as likely to spend less money or give America a smaller government as Dracula is likely to stop drinking blood.

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