Saturday, September 08, 2007


The surge is working, but it is not working

Well enough.

The United States needs to keep troops dying in this sectarian civil war until the elected government of Iraq and its puppet president can achieve political control.

Maybe in ten years.

Maybe one-hundred.

Who really knows?

As long as China loans us the moola, we will continue the Decider’s self-made WAR


We mustn’t let Osama down.

He is depending upon Bush to continue inspiring radical Islamic extremists who might not otherwise wish to kill and behead us.

We cannot give in to the appeals of liberal, left-wing, wacko peace activists, many of whom are American veterans of Bush’s pre-emptive shock-and-awe war.

The Decider has another year to kill another thousand American soldiers.

The Decider also has Iran in his little peepers (which is giving many of us the creepers.)

The sand, air and water of Iraq are already irradiated with Depleted Uranium, so more warring won’t really matter at this point.

The only thing that matters are oil and hegemony.

The only thing that matters are the profits.

Profits for Halliburton.

Profits for corporations.

Profits, profits, profits.

Death, death, death.

Our way of life shall not stop.

We will stay in Iraq forever if it is necessary.

Continue to bring it on!

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