Friday, September 28, 2007


“Is our children learning?”

George W. Bush

March 29, 2001

"Childrens do learn."

George W. Bush

September 26, 2007

Bush made his latest grammatical slip-up at a made-for-TV event where he urged Congress to reauthorize the No Child Left Behind Act, the centerpiece of his education policy.

The face grimaces and grins and is coated with smug pride.

It is a countenance of overweening pride that was and is dangerous, and is becoming more dangerous with each passing day of the mission accomplished.

It is the look of one who once joked about finding WMD in his office.

These are the WMD that were fabricated by liars in order to carry out an unnecessary, Pre-Emptive, illegal and insane war.
That war whose lies told by the liars have killed and murdered thousands of our American soldiers, and thousands and thousands and thousands of Iraqi families.

The countenance is of one who was inconvenienced when he was asked where Osama bin Laden was, and answered with this smirking and proud pride:

"I don't know where bin Laden is.

I have no idea and really don't care.

It's not that important."

G.W. Bush


This is not the pride of a leader who is comfortable and confident with his ethics.

This is one who has his own ethics which are abetted by his self-chosen God unknown to many of us.


It's the oil stupid!

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