Sunday, November 25, 2007


I just had my fifth turkey sandwich.
I ate two today.
I think this will be my last turkey sandwich until next year.
I throw a little sea salt on the turkey that lies between two pieces of toasted bread slices that have a slight amount of mayonnaise.
The latter is made from Canola oil...thanks to my cholesterol level.
This year the turkey roasted in one of those roaster things, so the house didn't reek of turkey like it usually does.
I know reek is a harsh word.
At first, the aroma of a turkey cooking in the oven is pleasant, but after a few hours one can do without this overwhelming, fowl aroma.
I always want more dressing, and there is never enough.
I bought a package of organic dressing. I haven't cooked it yet.
This year the stores ran out of cranberry sauce.
I guess it was a bad year for cranberries. I like the jellied kind.
This year I bought a frozen turkey two weeks before Thanksgiving day.
I usually wait until the last minute, and there aren't many turkeys left.
Other turkey musings:
I once dropped an entire turkey dinner on my lap. I let my dog eat this dinner. I went back and was more careful with my second plate.
I was in Red River, New Mexico when the daughters of the motel owner announced,
"Here come the turkeys!"
This is what Texans are called, at least in Red River, New Mexico.
If Ben Franklin had gotten his way and the turkey had become America's national bird, what would we eat on Thanksgiving?

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