Thursday, November 22, 2007


To keep impeachment "off the table," knowing that the president and vice president brazenly lied to the American people and to the Special Counsel's office about such a serious offense, is to make a mockery of the Constitution and the law.

Bush and Cheney must be impeached at this point if only to save school districts across the nation the cost of having to buy all new American history and civics texts, revised so as to remove all discussion of the notion of Constitutional checks and balances and the word "impeachment."

An impeachment hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, with full subpoena power granted to that committee, would lead to revelations and exposures far beyond that of Scott McClellan's, though putting McClellan under oath on national TV in such a hearing promises to be as enlightening and entertaining as was the testimony in 1974 before the same panel by Nixon White House attorney John Dean.

From McClellan's Dish

Impeachment is Back on the Table

You've pardoned

A turkey

But who will pardon your


You’ve pardoned

A turkey

But who will pardon or forgive

Your spies and your


You’ve pardoned

A turkey

But who will pardon

Your unpardonable


A turkey will live

But our soldiers

Are dying

For this.

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