Tuesday, March 11, 2008


When there is not much of interest on the Net, I start thinking about what to write about.

George W. Bush is always somewhere among cogitations within my think box.

I was wondering today how to write about Bush, Wars and Whores.

I know the juxtaposition of these words is not a kind one, but the Long War Decider has done some unkindly things.

Lately, though, if he's not dancing like a fool, he's telling jokes (or attempting to) about the fallen minions of his mendacious and monstrous administration.

A man who visited a prostitute does not seem as uncivil or evil as a man who defiled and deserted the Constitution of the United States.

That Goddamned piece of paper (the Decider's words) that is a thorn in Bush's unitary craw that he signs away with his signing statements.

The world's future generations will be shocked and in awe at how little was done by Americans to expel a president who repeatedly lied and laughed at them.

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