Thursday, June 28, 2012


Rudy Eugene and Ronald Poppo. Poppo survived the attack, but had one eye gouged out and may be blind in the other. Photograph: Reuters

Marijuana is a lot stronger today than it was yesterday.

  Caveat Cannabis to all present (and future) potheads!

That dopey, dazed dude who devoured the devil out of that other dude’s face in Florida wasn’t high on anything but Miss Mary Jane’s Loco Weed.

Or so it was reported as such in the, Wednesday 27 June 2012:

 Miami face-chewing attack: no bath salts found in Rudy Eugene's system
Tests show Eugene, who was shot dead by police after ignoring orders to stop attacking Ronald Poppo, had marijuana in system. 
A medical examiner has ruled that marijuana was the only drug in the system of the Florida man shot dead while "eating" another man's face.
The Miami-Dade County medical examiner released the results of toxicology tests on 31-year-old Rudy Eugene on Wednesday. The tests found marijuana in his system, but no other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs.
Eugene was shot dead by police as he chewed on Ronald Poppo's face beside a busy highway in full daylight. In the aftermath of the attack Eugene was widely reported to have ingested a drug known as "bath salts", spawning a wave of media interest in the substance.
However the lab tests appear to have rendered the hysteria redundant, after the medical examiner's department ruling out the most common components of bath salts. An outside forensic toxicology lab also confirmed the results.

But this all sounds like one more false flag fandango.

Perhaps it’s just the PharmaFascists still trying to wean folks off of the pot, or scaring everyone else who haven’t gotten stoned yet (which is not many) to not do so.

  I got off of the pot (and now spend a lot of time on the porcelain kind) many, many years ago.

I’m not opposed to domestic legalization of the giggle weed.

Nevertheless, sure as Dick Cheney shooting a lawyer, or knocking down skyscrapers, the recent bizarre devouring of a human visage was not because of new and improved LSD or bath salts.

  But all of you knew this.

Nor was it some insidious, biological/genetic concoction that accidentally fell out of a flask inside a laboratory.

Or some experiment gone wrong.

No, potheads and fellow citizens, this cannibalistic calamity was engendered by wacky tobacky.

It’s the Establishment’s admonition to STAY OFF OF THE GRASS, or you, too, might wolf down someone’s pretty face.   


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